About Our Coffee

Our marvelous journey begins on the mountainside of Nicaragua where the cooperative of El Porvenir produces rich, organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee. These farmers also practice sustainable and traditional farming methods unlike large, commercial coffee plantations. Scroll to learn more about this co-op and the hands that grow our coffee.  

Check out the gorgeous view from the El Porvenir Cooperative in Nicaragua 

Quick Facts

  • Our farmlands are located 1,100 meters about sea level 
  • The entire process is done by hand and by using traditional, eco-friendly technology
  • Our coffee is consistently cupped between 86 and 90
  • Only organic fertilizers and sustainable farming methods are used
  • Our coffee beans are sun-dried
  • Our beans are sorted by hand to ensure quality coffee is produced
  • Our farmers, processors and sorters commit a high-level of dedication and care into producing the highest quality of coffee we can offer

Farmers and Families in El Porvenir

It was not until a few years ago that these villagers’ homes went from straw/palm infrastructures to the wooden, tin-roofed homes they live in now. With no running water, electricity or transportation alongside the mountain (except for a community-owned 70’s Ford tractor), the farmers and families in El Porvenir dedicate tremendous effort into producing high-quality coffee. Every single dollar made from the sales of Farmer Shares coffee products will be returned to this community where funds are equally dispersed amongst families for food purchases, home improvements and farm development. Help us improve the lives of about 300 villagers in Nicaragua as they can finally receive a well-deserved income. Purchase our coffee today!

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