Breakfast Roast (Medium)

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Great Coffee for Change!

Purchase our 12oz. bag of Farmer Shares whole bean coffee and help us improve the lives of small coffee farmers as we facilitate a direct relationship with them to return 100% of their coffee’s net profit, resulting in about five times as much profit they receive per pound sold.

  • Grown at 1,100 meters above sea level on a mountainside in Nicaragua
  • Grown with sustainable, traditional, eco-friendly farming methods
  • Caramel, chocolate, citrus aroma
  • Floral, lemon, chocolate flavor
  • Smooth body
  • Bright, citric acidity

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1 review for Breakfast Roast (Medium)

  1. AJD (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Such rich depth of flavor – the freshest most wonderful home-brew coffee I’ve ever made. And I can feel incredibly good about the mission and the support of the folks who grew it – great all-around!

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