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With Farmer Shares Coffee, we aim to improve the lives of Central American farmers by increasing their share of profits made through selling their organic, fair trade, shade-grown coffee. You can help us make a difference by ordering Farmer Shares coffee. The coffee will be roasted to your taste and delivered right to your door. 

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What makes Farmer Shares Coffee different than other brands? Click below to read about what makes our coffee so unique and where it comes from. 

"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."

        Steve Maraboli









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By creating a more direct way to import, roast and distribute coffee, Farmer Shares Coffee focuses on returning more money to farmers, lifting incomes and improving quality of life.


of profits returned to farmers


synthetic fertilizers or chemicals


Farmers' income more than in commercial markets


fair trade farming

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From picking the red coffee berries to packaging the rich, dark brown coffee beans we know and love, Farmer Shares Coffee presents the labor-intensive reality of Central American farmers as they help create the final product that fills your favorite mug—while receiving a highly-deserved income.

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